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21 hours ago

South African Apartheid: SOWETO (South Western Eastern Townships)

Nazism Apartheid Style

Early White Settlers and Separate Development

The Europeans attitude toward the Africans can be traced back to the arrival of White settlers in South Africa. Van Riebeeck and his and his crew on the orders of the Dutch East India Company in 1652, they were too keep their establishment as small as possible to limit it to a refreshment station which could service ships passing by on their way to India. The remnants of he hedge built by Van Riebeeck marking the outer limits of the station can still be discerned in the botanical gardens at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town.

After five years, the Dutch East India Company allowed to set up as independent colonists

2 days ago

Association of International Certified Professional Accountants Urges South Africa’s Audit Regulator to Reject Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation

NEW YORK & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (the

Association) has voiced its strong opposition to a plan by South

Africa's Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) to implement

mandatory audit firm rotation (MAFR).

In a written

response to IRBA's Consultation Paper, the Association, which has

offices in locations including Johannesburg, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur,

London, New York and Shanghai, wrote that MAFR "may have a negative

impact on audit quality, increase market concentration to a more limited

number of auditing firms, and will hinder, rather than promote,

transformation of the profession."

The letter, signed by Association CEO Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA,

includes analysis of the most significant factors supporting the

profession's longstanding position. It notes that mandatory audit firm


Negatively impacts audit quality

Causes loss of institutional knowledge and experience

Limits auditor specialization

Creates resource strains

Could increase audit market concentration

May result in unintended costs

Limits the audit committee's ability to determine the best audit firm

for the company

Limits ability to attract and retain talent

"The Association believes that each of these factors demonstrates that

MAFR should be rejected," the letter stated. "It is clear from at least

some of the regulatory regimes that have adopted it that MAFR has not

had the intended benefits and its continuation is either being

questioned or discontinued. MAFR takes away the key responsibility of

audit committees which, along with the board of directors, are in the

best position to watch management actions and ensure that companies are

obtaining high quality audits to protect the investing public."

Concluding that MAFR is not in the public interest, risks harm to audit

quality, would impose significant costs on businesses and shareholders

without commensurate benefit, would be economically disruptive and

create other negative consequences, the Association asks that IRBA

reject a move to require it.

About the Association of International Certified Professional


The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (the

Association) combines the strengths of the American Institute of CPAs

(AICPA) and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to

power opportunity, trust and prosperity for people, businesses and

economies worldwide. It represents 650,000 members and students in

public and management accounting and advocates for the public interest

and business sustainability on current and emerging issues. With broad

reach, rigor and resources, the Association advances the reputation,

employability and quality of CPAs, CGMAs and accounting and finance

professionals globally.

6 days ago

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1 week ago

How Do Cities Manage Waste?

Cities manage waste in different ways, the biggest variation being that between first and third world countries. In the western world, waste is typically manage quite effectively with all waste being disposed of a and treated properly where applicable. However, the way waste is handled largely depends on its nature. That is to say, some waste is potentially dangerous and needs to be dealt with in a different way, separately from everything else.

Today, all of the world's largest cities have complex sewage systems. However, in poorer countries, the sewage systems may well not reached the poorer suburbs which have to deal with waste manually.

Sewers have been around since ancient times and were indeed very famous in ancient Rome. During classical times, Rome had a population of about a million inhabitants, by far the biggest city in the world at the time. At that time, Rome also had one of the most advanced sewerage systems ever seen.

In many European cities, waste management dramatically declined and indeed it was only 150 years ago in cities like London for example, that proper waste management actually started to take off. In fact, the infamous period of 1858 in London known as 'The Great Stink' was one of the driving forces behind the modern rise of proper waste management systems.

During this period, it was a very hot summer and all of the city's waste was disgorged into the Thames and the whole of London became absolutely unbearable. Shortly afterwards, it was decided that major work needed to be done to construct proper sewer systems and deal with the problem with drastic actions.

Today cities still manage waist with these types of sewage systems but other types of waste such as the source that we throw in are beings, is obviously dealt with in of rather different way. All of this is often sent into landfill sites. Landfill sites slowly degrade over the decades but only so extent are some things are not biodegradable. Landfill sites also have the major disadvantage of taking up an enormous and ever growing amount of space.

However, things are changing with various other methods of waste disposal coming in. When gathering all of the junk removal that you have accumulated, separate the items under the categories compost, reuse, recycle. Incineration is also a popular alternative and can also convert waste materials into something useful such as electrical power or heat.

Recycling is also becoming very popular in some countries. Around half of the waste that we produce on a daily basis in our households is perfectly capable of being recycled. This includes any paper or cardboard based products, tins, aluminium or glass. Indeed, in some countries it has already become law to recycle certain materials and place them in separate bins for the rubbish collections.

As the population of the world continues to skyrocket as does the population of the world's cities, it becomes ever more essential to introduce more effective forms of waste management and upgrade to more environmentally friendly alternatives. However, while progress is being made, demand continues to grow at an alarming rate.

2 weeks ago

4 things about Joburg's history

It used to be a dusty, one-horse kind of place where a few farmers eked out a living from the land, although traces of early human habitation go back millions of years.

Modern Johannesburg was born with the discovery of gold.

Almost overnight, it became one of the fastest-growing cities in the world as fortune-seekers rushed in.

The stories that make up the Joburg's past shape its character today, rewarding visitors who venture beyond the sanitized streets of wealthy Sandton to discover the real heartbeat of Egoli, the "City of Gold," as it is also known.

It has golden foundations

The richest city in South Africa, Joburg is also one of the biggest economie

2 weeks ago

There's A Tattoo Removal Cream In The Works, But Will It Actually Work?

Regretting that tattoo you got a few years ago? Alec Falkenham, a researcher at Dalhousie University in Halifax, is working on a fix.

Falkenham has developed a topical cream that, as BuzzFeed explains it, clings to macrophages, or the white blood cells that absorb foreign particles, in this case, tattoo ink. Then, new macrophages move in to replace the ink-filled ones.

Unlike regular tattoo removal, which can cost upward of $75 per session and may cause inflammation, Falkenham says his cream would cost $4.50 per application on a 10-by-10-centimeter tattoo. He also says it won't cause the skin to become inflamed.

"When comparing it to laser-based tattoo removal, in which you see the burns, the scarring, the blisters, in this case, we've designed a drug that doesn't really have much off-target effect," Falkenham told CBC News Canada.

So far, the cream has only been tested on pigs, and Falkenham can't say exactly when it will be available.

Dermatologist Rebecca Baxt told The Huffington Post she's not entirely sold.

"I doubt that there is a cream that has active ingredients powerful enough to penetrate the human skin, which is a very effective barrier, to remove tattoo pigment trapped inside cells," she said. "It would be great but it is unlikely to truly work. Tattoos are called permanent for a reason-- they are very hard to remove."

Only time will tell if this cream actually works on people. But for the sake of anyone with a tattoo of their ex's name, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

2 weeks ago

Furniture Removal Companies | Get 4-6 Free Removal Quotes

Moving home or office can be one of life's most stressful events, and moving day itself brings a host of worries. It is therefore vital