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2 days ago

Medical Tourism: Bargain Plastic Surgery on the Luxe

From $20,000 contouring surgery in Poland to facial restructuring in China at a 7-star medical spa, cosmetic surgery services and luxury medical tourism are gaining in popularity across the globe.

With the current tough economy, it can be attractive to look at opportunities to combine a surgery and luxurious vacation as a lower-cost package than a procedure in the United States, medical tourism experts say.

"As new cosmetic and plastic surgeries come out, it's advantageous for the patient," said Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association, which counts 100 countries within its organization. "You can have a surgery for the same high quality -- but at 50 percent to

3 days ago

Home Improvement :: Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners – Quick Buyers Guide (Page 1 of 2)

Whether your above ground pool is brand-new or has been used for many years, having a high quality liner that is in good condition is extremely important. Damaged or worn liners can become ripped or torn, leading to problematic leaks, while stained and faded liners can have a significant negative effect on the appearance of your pool. Whether you are looking for the very first liner for your new above ground pool or a replacement liner, there are certain factors and considerations that you should take into account in order to ensure that you choose the best liner for your above ground swimming pool.

Above ground swimming pool liners are constructed from durable vinyl and are widely available for both round and oval pools. Pool liners for above ground swimming pools are also available in two basic styles -- beaded liners and overlap liners. Above ground pools are typically designed to use either beaded or overlap liners, so the type of liner that you will need will depend on the requirements of your specific pool. Naturally then, one of the first factors you need to consider when purchasing above ground pool liners is whether you need a beaded or overlap liner.

Once you know the shape and style that your new liner needs to be, it's time to consider size. Fortunately, vinyl pool liners for above ground pools are available in many different sizes. For example, there are both beaded and overlap above ground swimming pool liners for pools with 48 inch walls and 52 inch walls and for pools that are 15 feet round, 30 feet round and many sizes in between. Also, some retailers of pool supplies offer custom sized liners for pools of unusual shapes or sizes or for pools with deep middles. So no matter what size your pool may be, there should be above ground swimming pool liners available that will fit your pool's specific dimensions.

Other important factors to take into account when purchasing pool liners for above ground swimming pools are quality and durability. These two characteristics go hand in hand as higher quality liners will generally last the longest and will exhibit the greatest resistance against UV radiation from the sun as well as ice, snow and other harsh weather conditions. Pool liners for above ground pools are typically constructed from either 20 gauge or 25 gauge virgin vinyl. Both gauges will provide you with excellent durability but if your pool is used heavily each year or is frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions, you may prefer a 25 gauge liner over a 20 gauge liner. On the other hand, 20 gauge liners will be suitable for swimming pools with average or low usage.

While size, shape and quality are crucial considerations with respect to choosing above ground swimming pool liners, colour and design are also factors that should not be overlooked. This aspect of choosing a new liner can also be fun. Vinyl pool liners for above ground swimming pools are available in a vast array of different designs and patterns including solid blue, aquarium patterns, Atlantis patterns, swirl patterns and rock and boulder patterns. Liners with these designs can add a special touch to your swimming pool, giving it an eye-catching look and transforming it into an aesthetically appealing centerpiece for your yard.

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4 days ago

Environment :: Trash removal companies- a step towards saving the environment

There are times when your house gets cluttered up with unused stuff. It is possible that the stuff you find useless can be used by someone else or recycled to make something useful. Removing the trash from the house can be a pain in the neck and can take much of your time. If you wish to remove the useless items from your house, you can take the help of professional trash removal services. is a website that provides a list of companies that provide garbage removal services in your area.

Taking the help of these companies is useful as they collect the garbage from your home and recycle it. You can just log in to the website and select the city you live in. a list of companies in the vicinity will appear. You can then choose the one nearest to your home and call them up to collect the garbage. The services of the companies on this website cater to houses as well as industries. The industries too have a lot of waste material that can easily be recycled and put to good use. Most of the industries opt for these services and help save the environment.

You too can do your bit to save the environment by giving for recycling, the products that you do not use. The items can include electronic goods, consumer goods, furniture or debris. All the people who wish to get the trash removed from their houses or industries can register with the website and get the services of the trash removal companies. The company will then send a garbage truck to your home to collect the trash. The services of these companies are most useful when you have renovated your house, remove damaged material or simply to clean up your house. Snow removal services are also available with most of the companies.

Hospitals can also opt for these services for hazardous waste removal. Hazardous waste can be found in many of the industries and places like hospitals. It is necessary to remove this type of waste so that it does not harm the environment. The services of are available in Australia, Gambia, Canada, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States and Virgin Islands.

There are hundreds of companies listed on the website that offer garbage removals services in these countries. All you need to do is to select the country you live in and then select the area. A list of all the companies will pop up and you can then make choice. The services of these companies may vary from each other. Most of the companies offer all types of trash removal while there may be some companies that specialize in services like farm waste or snow removal services. You can get the benefit of these services at very affordable prices. Contribute towards a better environment by giving the unused goods for recycling. Your step will motivate others and this way we will make earth a better place to live in.

5 days ago

Furniture Removals Sydney by Furniture Removals Sydney

Plan to relocate should not put you and your family out before you home furniture removals. Furniture for you is next to your house is the most valuable lifetime collection. Removals during your relocation whether shifting to another house or relocating office requires should be well-organized and taken care-off aptly. You definitely do want to either carry damaged furniture or fixing after relocation.

Prepare a check list of items of each of your room with accommodation or office you are about to relocate in your mind. Find which could fit and either discard or dispose those which you cannot accommodate or redundant. That will help you make a comprehensive list. Also, you may exchange some of the redundant furniture which you may need at your new accommodation or office.

There are lots of easy things you can do like packing and unpacking. You can also have help from friends and relatives by having few items they might be preserving from their own moves. Just by lessening your travel weight, you can save good amount of money. More items, like unnecessary ones will seek more movers, and that ultimately will make you spend more. Selling some and giving others in charity will take all your worries out.

While taking an interstate furniture removal in Australia, you will have to do all the same to save money. Calling utility companies along side furniture removals in New South Wales will make sure that you will be not paying further. This also suggests that you accomplish all utility services before the moving day.

Engage professional team of removers from a company of furniture removals. They take care of your furniture with personal care and secure you furniture till it reaches your new location. These companies also exchange or even help you with disposing of redundant furniture. Some of them offer repair services to fix damaged furniture which can be conveniently done before your relocate. Such companies should also be able provide insurance cover when your furniture is being transported in case of any damages to be claimed.

Furniture removalist in Sydney will be right there to avoid you being put into a puzzle like scenario, as they tend to present you with an experienced and skilled team at your service. Just by taking their services along, it is sure that your items will get properly packed and moved. Having a free time should be rated as money saving, as other relevant areas need you more than just packing and loading. So feel free while removing furniture in Australia, as you can save while being taken on a pleasing ride just by employing efficient packers

Make a check list of the furniture for removal when you relocate. That can save much costs and inconvenience. Also, do not ignore furniture for their redundancy and utility before you engage a furniture removal company for your home or office furniture removal needs.

5 days ago

Made in USA: 10 great products still made here


Are any good products still made in America?

Conventional wisdom says U.S. companies have shuttered their factories and moved manufacturing abroad for cheap labor. During the recession, 2 million manufacturing jobs vanished. Here's the story you don't hear: The United States is still the world's largest manufacturing economy, producing $1.6 trillion of goods each year, or 21 percent of global production. And that number may rise as more companies move back to the United States in search of lower costs and higher quality.

The United States will experience a manufacturing renaissance within the next five years, predicts the Boston Consulting Group. Increases in Chinese wages and shipping costs, as well as subpar manufacturing quality overseas, have already inspired some companies to consider "onshoring" or "reshoring" their production efforts back to the United States. And as U.S.-based industrial giants such as General Electric (GE) and Caterpillar (CAT) make the switch today, thousands of smaller companies continue to churn out best-in-class products across the country. We're celebrating 10 American companies making signature consumer products with American ingenuity - and leaving foreign-made competitions in the dust.

This article was updated on July 1, 2011.

1 week ago

Wrapping Methods Known for Furniture Removal and Storage

A person needs to wrap his furniture and other elements before moving from a place to another. He can take the help of professionals to help in the Furniture Removals Johannesburg moving or do the entire process himself. Moving can be really tiring and challenging for most individuals. Furniture removal companies are found in abundance across the globe to help people in moving from any part of the globe to another. Be it short distance moving or long distance moving, the idea of moving brings a chill to everyone. Moving from a set up establishment to a completely new place may be a terrible idea but people are convinced to take the decisions for better prospects in future. Knowing the art of wrapping can make the moving very handy. Furniture removal Auckland will help the clients to move in wonderful way without taking great stress. They will help the clients with step to step instructions of moving.

Blankets are required for wrapping the furniture in proper manner. No one wants their furniture to get damaged in the process of moving. The things need to be transferred to shipping containers or storage facilities during the moving period. People mostly overlook the great job of packing the entire selection of household items while moving from one place to another. They feel it can be done in a day or few hours. Things are not that easy. Furniture removal and storage needs to be done with extreme care and attention. It must be packed in efficient way so that it reaches the destination safely without much damage. One must know the skills of wrapping the furniture with blankets, packing boxes, crating the essentials and putting a label in every packed object for proper relocating. Furniture removal Wellington will make the movers job in style. They will take the guarantee to load and unload articles with great care. One cannot expect the movers to show personal concern for any goods of their clients. They can suggest preventive measures for packing delicate items but cannot feel for the attachment a person has for few items.

One must not be stingy while selecting the reliable movers. Movers are the ones that will carry the items with care. Paying for their dedicated and whole hearted work will ensure security for the essential items. Never select cheap companies as they do not understand the importance of materials and will not take the responsibility for breakage or loss of articles. They will simply do the work with negligence. Good and experienced movers have wrapping expertise. They will wrap the articles with many sized blankets and will see that no part is left exposed. They will also teach the clients some packing tips. One can also buy the packing items from the movers like bubble sleeves, plate cell packing kits, bubble craft, foam peanuts and many more. Moving blankets are nice articles with padding and without padding. Many sizes are available. It helps in space saving and gives complete protection to furniture.

1 week ago

Why is Everyone Eating Chia Seeds?

An ancient seed is finally having its day in the sun.

Actually, its second day in the sun. The first time around was as the key ingredient in the gag gift known as "the pottery that grows." Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!

2013 is undoubtedly the year of the chia seed among the health conscious. For a while it was flax seed. And 2012 could easily have been named "the year of kale." But this year, experts agree, belongs to chia.

"Chia seeds have been in Whole Foods for a long time, but they're just now starting to grow in popularity," said Drew Rosen, nutrition and cooking teacher at New York City's Whole Foods Market Tribeca. "It's an ancient crop, but because the seeds are so flexible and high in omega threes, they are just blossoming all over the markets in all different types of products."

Indeed. There are chia seeds, ground chia seeds, chia bars, chia snacks, chia drinks. The drink aisle alone housed four different brands of chia-seed drinks.

All these products are in response to high demand. People are looking for chia in all its forms, Rosen said. "It runs the gamut, some people look for the seeds, some for the products. People want to make it easy for themselves."

"Easy" could be precisely what makes chia such a hit in health food circles. While it can be made into pudding, or used as an egg substitute for the vegan crowd, the same benefits can be found simply by sprinkling a teaspoon into your yogurt, oatmeal or smoothie. Some people simply add it to their water.

Unlike flax seed, chia seeds don't have to be ground and they don't go rancid the way flax does. "Chia seeds are going to absolutely replace flax seeds," said Rosen. "They're the absolute best source of omega three fats on the market, hands down, when you consider the ratio of omega three to omega six."

But he cautioned, "You should only eat a small amount, maximum one ounce a day."

That's because chia is very high in fiber, which in large quantities can cause stomach upset.

Licensed nutritionist Lisa Goldberg, who runs a company called Health Coach, which delivers healthy lunches, agrees that a little chia goes a long way. Including, she said, benefits for those trying to lose a few pounds.

"It's a high source of fiber," she said. "Chia will keep you fuller longer and prevent you from overeating. You have that feeling of fullness in your stomach because when you wet chia seeds, they form a gelatinous substance that takes longer to digest.

"You'll overeat less and tend to snack less. If you eat chia before a meal, you'll eat less at the next meal. It packs a nutritional punch without adding a lot of food to your diet."

And while the drinks in particular are convenient and filling, Goldberg does not recommend them as a meal replacement. "There's not enough nutrients and calories. What I would say is, it's a great addition."

Chia, she said, is great for kids too. Goldberg suggests a bit of chia in pancake or waffle mix. "It doesn't change the way the food tastes, though it does give it a bit of a crunch," she said.

Pregnant women should also add chia to their diet, Goldberg said. "Women who are pregnant need omega threes for their developing babies, for the brain health. A lot of women are concerned about eating fish because of the mercury, great way to get omega in their diet without concern of mercury from fish oil or fish itself."

But is 2013 to chia what 2012 was to kale? It's unclear, but chia's not likely to go anywhere. ""It'll be around, added to people's diets for extra nutritional boost, because it is so easy and is so healthy," Goldberg said. "It might not be the 'it' food next year, but I don't think it will ever go away."